March 11, 2015

New background because...

Desperate times call for desperate measures!

We've had two days in a row where temperatures have reached into the 40's, but the forecast is saying it won't last... and that makes me a little bit sad.
SO I thought I'd force some springlike stuff here instead.
gratuitous spring flowers from years past

We also - in a fit of cabin fever - booked a vacation!  Our first in two years.  Nothing huge, but it will be nice to get away and do some fun things with the kids for a bit.

Blessings on the journey~

March 4, 2015

Random Brain Ramblings

I haven't posted much of late as I've been sort of in a low spot in many ways and have had trouble pulling my brain out of the fog for more than is required for just general life a lot of the time.
We've had a very long stretch of cycling snow storms and freezing cold temperatures and that has caused it's own issues as well as creating a certain amount of drab feelings and cabin fever alternatingly (is that really a word?).

We've had frozen heat pipes, a giant frost heave just outside the garage door, the chicken coop is at a definite angle - probably also due to frost heaves, we've had ice dams and leaking into the house, and as of yesterday, a different heating pipe has begun to leak and the plumber can't come until next week Tuesday.  I've had a weird tendonitis thing in my right hand/wrist that has made life very challenging and has completely thwarted my self-therapy of sewing.  The dog had surgery and then a weird doggie vertigo episode that has resulted in lots of vet visits and bills.

All this is fairly negative on the surface, however there have been many good things and bright spots as well.
There are things to be thankful for even when things are hard:

  • After my temper-tantrum with God back in September (mom-camp), we started attending church in Peterborough (Monadnock Congregational Church) and that has been a tremendous blessing and source of peace.  Steve and I even attended membership class with the Pastor and are planning to become members during the month of March (Lord willing).
  • We've had some rough spots with friends and family that have required us to speak up and step out of our normal non-confrontational lifestyle to deal with uncomfortable issues - this has resulted in shifts in relationships that prayerfully God is putting on the right track again.
  • Almost all of the house issues have resolved - mostly - without any really dreadful situations or too horrendous of expenses.  And we are really evaluating what is needful for projects and home improvements both long and short-term.  I do see having to paint the family room this year after the water leaking in left water spots on the ceiling, but that was sort of needful anyway.
  • My chiropractor has made great improvement in my hand/wrist with a new technique.
  • Today it is 40 degrees and the sun is peaking out!
  • The kids are healthy and doing well with their school work and we are working on our plans for next year including starting to look at colleges for Jess.
  • Ben is learning to drive.
  • I'm reading several books right now.
  • Steve built Jess some fun built-in bookshelves in her room.
  • Steve is working on building me a design wall for my sewing room.
  • My chickens are all still laying and seem to be surviving their first winter okay.
  • My new cat Gypsy is settling in nicely and loves to sit on my desk with me.
  • We have had some great silly laugh-fests when we get a bit stir crazy.
  • I've got lots of projects to work on once my hand heals enough to get back to sewing.
  • There is prayer meeting on Thursday evenings at church and it's wonderful.
  • There is coffee and chocolate and fudge in my world.
  • I have a husband who is truly amazing, loves me so and cares for me completely, and we've just celebrated 19 years of marriage!
  • My kids are awesome, smart, funny and very helpful.
  • I have dear friends to share with, laugh with and who will keep me in prayer.
  • I know that Jesus loves me and will carry me through the toughest things by His grace & mercy.
Blessings on the journey~