June 26, 2015

Right now ... (a thankfulness post)

Right now I am thankful for the truth of scripture in our lives.  God's word doesn't change and His truth endures forever!
Hand-made sign that now hangs in our living room.
I bought this years ago in support of a mission trip - scripture supporting the spread of Jesus.

Right now I am thankful for the quiet sounds of chickens pecking around outside and 2/3 of our cats watching them from the window by my desk.

Saffron (Orange) and Gypsy (Black)
Right now I am thankful for Steve's job that provides for our family and allows him to work from home two days each week.  Also for the jobs the kids have that give them spending money, hard work that teaches them things and builds their muscles as well.

Right now I am thankful for ....

  • my washer/dryer and the ability to do laundry daily if needed.
  • clean, running water and electricity that are reliable
  • air conditioning in summer and heat in winter
  • my gardens and the ability to grow things - both to eat and just to be pretty
  • my family and that we laugh together
  • ice cream
  • always having projects to work on and the ability to do so
  • friends who share my life
  • our Pastor and his family that are becoming dear friends
  • our church that is growing us in many ways
  • vehicles that work reliably and are safe
  • grown children that come to visit fairly often
  • teens that are respectful, responsible, smart, fun young adults
  • pets that add love and fur to our lives
  • every good gift that God bestows
Right now I am thankful that I know beyond all doubt that I serve a Savior who loves me and will never leave me.  That God is Sovereign King over all things and holds our future secure in spite of the changing winds of this life.  

Right now I am thankful... and that is a very good thing indeed!

Blessings on the journey~

June 8, 2015

A Vacation in Photos

Almost all of these were taken by my amazing husband Steve - except for any of the two of us together - Jess takes those for us.
Our family vacation to Washington, DC lasted less than a week.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and left early Thursday morning.  In those few days we covered a LOT of ground!

Arlington was Ben's 'must see' and it was a moving experience for all of us.

The street where we stayed in Columbia Heights

Ice cream on the front steps.  It was summer in DC already!

Library of Congress was Jessica's 'must see'

Supreme Court

Mount Vernon - a great morning out here that even included a cruise on the Potomac

Me and my girl

Me and my boy

National Cathedral - amazing!