February 13, 2012

Standard of Grace

Today I stepped way, way out of my comfort zone. 
And shockingly... I didn't die.  I didn't even throw up.  
Yay me!
Actually... Yay God!  Because it was only by His grace that today happened and the really awful part didn't happen (that would be the throwing up part). :-) 
I found this graphic and thought it was perfectly marvelous and so timely for me today!
Today was good... and hard... and terrifying... but mostly good.  And the parts that I'm so certain weren't so good - in my head (at the moment- in my insecurities) - and that didn't go as I'd planned, etc.  Those are still okay... because no one else knows what was in my head or plans.  ;-)
It was my expectations of me... and those all sort of fell apart as I sat around the table this morning with this completely amazing group of women. 
Nine of them and I was so scared! 
But they were so gracious, so thoughtful, sometimes funny, and so genuine & real... their faces and hearts smiling.  Words came... ideas were shared... some scriptures were read - though not as many as I'd had written out on pages of notebook paper and bookmarked in my bible.  
God was there... I'm sure of it. 
He meets us where we are... in the messy, in the scary, in the hard... and walks alongside holding our hands or simply carrying us fully in His loving embrace. 

And I am so thankful.

Blessings on the journey,