August 30, 2012

Theme Reading

I'm reading several books at the moment...nothing new there.  But there is a theme in my reading right now... discipleship.  What does it mean to really be a follower of Jesus. 

Two of the books that I'm reading right now are proving tremendously helpful, instructive, convicting, insightful and comforting.  Sound conflicting & confusing?  You ought to live in my head! Kidding!  There are enough people in their right now to populate a small town - no more vacancies.

Anyway - I'm reading these:

Cost of Discipleship is a 'classic' among many in the Christian community.   I'd been listening to an audio version but really wanted to have the hard copy in my hands to absorb better.  I borrowed it through inter-library loan... hoping to keep in for a few weeks to really get a good grasp and not just a read-through.
This book was recommended by Shaun Groves a while ago... I got a copy and it sat on my shelf for a while.  I started it a few weeks ago and have been going through it slowly.  It's amazing.

Happy reading!

Blessings on the journey~