November 28, 2012

Laundry-Bath Remodel

Taking a break from my book posts. :-)

Over the last couple weeks here we've done what may be our last remodeling project in this house.  We did an over-haul of the half-bath/laundry room on the first floor. 
This room hasn't been touched since I was very pregnant with J - and she'll be 15 next week.  When we moved here it was a full bath with a tub and in a loving gesture from my husband to my very largely pregnant self - Steve and my Dad ripped the bathroom apart and put my washer/dryer on the first floor.  Yay!
Now it was in desperate need of some updating and beautification.
We opted to hire a friend to tile the floor for us - VERY smart move!  Mike was able to do the floor in 2 days where it'd probably have taken Steve & I at least a week.  It's beautiful and I love the way it looks.
The walls are painted a soft cocoa-gold color called "Renoir Bisque" and the trim is white.  We replaced the vanity & all the accessories and Steve installed 2 new light fixtures as well.  The accents are a brushed nickel that is really sharp I think.

I think it's very pretty and I'm very thankful to have it finished!