February 15, 2015

Snow, snow, and for a change... snow!

In the last few weeks we have had a seemingly endless series of snow-storms and blizzards.  It is winter... we live in NH... this is not horribly unusual.  However, it is a tad wearying and somewhat exhausting to be dealing with FEET of snow on the ground and a repeating cycle of snow, clean up, snow again, clean up again that happens with annoying frequency.

My dear husband has been working tirelessly after each storm to dig out our home, clear the deck and multiple staircases, make paths around the yard for the animals and us to care for them, clear up the road edges- which is private and we have to have plowed by a local farmer and his giant John Deere tractor, and help clear some for the neighbor on occasion.
This morning was a much larger snow amount than forecasted and the crazy wind and hovering-at-zero temps made for a very long day.

My chickens are surviving and thriving in spite of the weather.  Their pen is surrounded by well over knee deep bankings and even their plastic sheeting to block the wind is partially buried in snow so they are generally below wind-level if they venture out.  I've been keeping them happy with food treats at least every other day or so - growing sprouts for them and giving them veggie scraps, etc.  They are mostly all still laying every day and everyone seems pretty fluffy and happy.
The cats are keeping entertained by the birds frequenting the feeder out back and Piper (the dog) just LOVES the snow and will roll around in the drifts snowplowing with her nose any chance she gets.

I am plodding on, trying not to complain too much as I know each day and even each snowfall is a gift from God for us to enjoy.  Thankfully we have the ability to clear up, the means to pay the plow guy, and Steve working from home is a tremendous blessing!

Stay warm!
Blessings on the journey,