April 1, 2015

Still Not Really Spring

A little of this and a little of that sort of post.

Such is life where we live... winter comes and just stays and stays.  April 1st and this is the view from the back door.  Lots of snow piled up still and a plank bridge out to the chicken coop for those warm/wet/muddy days when the yard turns into a bog.

Now to be fair, we've had tremendous amounts of melting and the dirt road we live on is a rutted mess on a good day and a quagmire on a warmer day.  This is also known as 'mud season' where we live, so it is all to be expected.

We are plodding along (sometimes literally!), Steve and I have begun our almost daily walks again - which is so lovely! There is a nice loop about 3 miles long that we do together and chat about everything and anything. It is time I cherish with the man I love.

The kids are entering the home stretch of our school year and as this is now officially the end of Jess' Jr. year (we have re-shuffled things due to a change of heart on her part), we are also making plans to meet with a college adviser, attend a few college fairs and looking towards some campus visits in the coming weeks.

Ben has begun learning to drive so I'm spending lots of time in the passenger seat again.  We are also contemplating the purchase of a new vehicle and that is producing not-a-little-bit of anxiety for me as I try to sort through models and trim lines, needs vs. nice-to-haves, do test drives, research pricing and financing options, etc.  Not my most favorite thing, but a necessary evil in the world of car buying.

This coming Sunday is Easter (Resurrection Sunday) and we will be officially accepted into membership at our church (MCC) and I'm feeling rather happy about that fact.

Blessings on the journey all~