August 14, 2016

Late Summer

It's late summer here in NH and the garden is doing the normal overgrowth due to neglect... at least the flowers are pretty even if I don't dare go int here due to the crazy weeds and garden snakes.

It has been insanely hot/humid here this summer for much longer stretches than is normal for us.  I appreciate the AC on these days, but it's not my favorite thing and I long for cool nights and open windows.

We have just two weeks left before college begins for both Jess & Ben.  Ben also has about 1.5 weeks left of his summer contract at Camp Spofford before he's home again permanently.  It's been a busy, good summer for both of the kids.

I've been muddling around with some sewing, we're creating a new sewing studio space for me over the garage and I'm looking forward to moving everything over there in the coming weeks.

The vegetable gardens are more manageable this year and I've even been mostly keeping up with the weeding, etc.

The new hens are all laying now and we're regularly getting 6-8 eggs a day, the sizes vary, but mostly they are figuring things out nicely. 

I'm really ready for the beginning of September this year in a way that I've not felt before.  Things will be VERY different this year for our family.  Both kids will be completely enrolled in college classes - commuting to two different schools as they pursue the interests and passions that God has put into them.
For me... I'm looking at a few new adventures of my own and am excited to see what God is going to do as the next few months/years unfold.

Blessings on the journey all,