November 20, 2009

A Weekend Away

Today I am taking J and we are going away for the weekend.  We will have some special mother-daughter time at a nice resort up north.
Her birthday is next Friday - my baby girl will be 12!  ACK!  How did time pass so quickly!?
Seems I can remember holding her as a newborn and marveling at how beautiful she was and being so thankful that God had blessed Steve & I with such an amazing gift.  *sniff*  Now she has grown into a smart & beautiful young lady - growing in God's grace.  I am very proud of her.
I have gotten some wonderful God-honoring materials to go through with her this weekend - for the "big talk".  I also had gotten a special Mother-Daughter bible study book Raising Maidens of Virtue to use with her and we will start that on Sunday morning before we come home. It is from the wonderful people at Vision Forum - they have SUCH great stuff!  I have a very large number of things marked in their new catalog for my 'wish list'.
Steve and the boys will man the fort at home.  B has his 2nd indoor soccer game this weekend and I think they may even get to help a family member move on Sunday.  Sounds like 'guy stuff' to me. :-)