February 5, 2010


I have mentioned that I am working (and praying a LOT) towards the goal being more successful in the areas of domestic bliss.
I have been doing menu plans in advance (right now I'm planned through to the 12th), baking bread, cooking from scratch, etc.  It is going fairly well in most areas.  Not truly stellar - but I am making progress I think.  So far there are have been only a few new recipes that have flopped and most have been well received by the majority of the family.  One child is not so thrilled about having to try new foods regularly - but he is getting better about it, and has even given approval to two new recipes this week!  :-)
Tonight was our tried and true pasta night - very easy and made a bit better by a new recipe for french bread from the amazing lady at "The Frugal Girl"   She has tons of tips, recipes and general life to read.  It's one of my new favorites.