October 4, 2010

October! Already?

Wow!  I suppose I shouldn't really be surprised... October comes right after September every year.  I just can't seem to shake the feeling that time is accelerating as my children get older.  I don't feel that much older - well, most days anyway. And I am most fully aware that it is all just an illusion.  That time doesn't really move any faster or slower, it is just my perception that changes.
So here we are.  October.  Which means we are fully into our school year, fall has begun, the Deerfield Fair has come & gone again, and I have baked at least one apple pie so far.

We took a Friday off a few weeks ago and went to Nubble Light in Maine and enjoyed a fun day doing nothing much.  I love days like that and cannot even begin to express how completely blessed I feel that we CAN do such things.
Yes, they really are almost as tall as me already!                        
All photo credit to Steve (my most amazing husband)

Today is a rainy Monday.  We have schoolwork to accomplish, and some random laundry & housework as always. Tonight I have the opportunity to begin another Bible Study with the wonderful ladies from our church.  Life is really good and I am very thankful.

Blessings on the journey~