December 1, 2010

Why is it blue?

I hope you can really see that color.... yes, it is blue.  The home-made white bread is blue.  Why?  You may be asking.  Why would someone do such a thing to a lovely loaf of home-made bread?
Because I can!
Actually it is because of my darling husband whom God has blessed abundantly with such an off-beat sense of humor. 
Now for anyone still reading, I shall explain a bit more.
Our youngest child is, shall we say...ahem... rather particular when it comes to food.  I had made 2 loaves of bread over the weekend and used 1/3rd whole wheat flour along with the regular white.  The bread is good, soft, and very yummy.  But alas, B is not so very fond of whole wheat being involved in his regular old white bread. So enter dear old Dad with the suggestion to me that I should see what B's reaction would be if I colored the bread something really unusual.
So I did.
J was in on the joke and could hardly contain her giggles as we sliced into the still hot loaf for our usual first pieces warm from the oven.  From the outside you can barely see the blue tint.  But cut wide open and the blue shows!
We all enjoyed a laugh and a slice of hot bread.  Simple things... God brings them and we enjoy them and praise Him for the gifts.

May you enjoy the blessings of laughter today along the journey