December 31, 2010

Ice Cream Cake

My mother's birthday is Christmas Day.  My whole growing up life, we always celebrated her birthday with an ice cream cake from Carvel and it was always mandatory that Mom's birthday was a BIRTHDAY celebration.  Not an add-on to Christmas.  She got actual birthday cards, not Christmas b-day ones.  Her gifts were wrapped in regular birthday paper, etc.
My parents always come and celebrate Christmas day with us here at our home, so it now falls to me to prepare for the birthday part of the day.  This year I decided to make an ice cream cake from scratch - since I learned to make ice cream this year I thought it would be fun.
Here is the progression in photos.
Oreo cookies run through the food processor and mixed with butter to form
the bottom crust layer in a spring-form pan.
First batch of ice cream *cookies & cream
into the pan and then into the freezer
Chocolate syrup layer
Chocolate Chip Layer
Ready to celebrate!
Ready to dig in!