January 7, 2011

Week One

We started the new year by cheering for Steve at his first road race of the year.  It was a crazy warm day for here in NH - I think it was in the mid-50s, hence J's t-shirt and the fact that no one has a coat in spite of the piles of snow in the background.
Monday was still semi-vacation mode as Steve had it off from work and the kids just did a small amount of school that day.  We dove back in full swing on Tuesday and have had a good week.  Much has been accomplished academically, some laundry, a new plan for memorizing more scripture in 2011, and we're back to working on our Balancing the Sword questions each morning as well as our Training Hearts, Teaching Minds devotional work.  I know it makes a HUGE difference in our days when we begin with studying words from the Lord for us and focusing on Him to start.
I've also begun reading a new book by Dr. David Jeremiah and have downloaded some awesome freebies for my new kindle (a Christmas surprise from my loving husband!).  I finished reading Mary Beth Chapman's new book Choosing to SEE during the week after Christmas and recommend it highly!  She is so honest and real telling a difficult story but her faith in God really shines I think. 
This journey is not always easy... heck, most days it's pretty tough!  But God is always faithful and never has us travel alone.  I am thankful for that gift each day.
Blessings on the journey~