July 20, 2012

Books Suggestions

No surprise that I love to read.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have something of a mild addiction to books.  I love books.  I own tons of books and my kids own tons of books so it is not a shock that we have bookcases in most rooms of our home (including two bookcases right in the kitchen) or if there is no bookcase, there are stacks of books on tables/floors/etc.  It's just how we live and I think it is pretty marvelous even though I admit to days when it makes me a tad crazy.

I thought I'd start sharing some suggestions for books that I've loved in case anyone is reading that needs/wants a suggestion and hasn't had me rave about something to you in real life.  If you are a friend nearby and I have something still in my possession that you'd like to borrow, let me know and I'll see if I can hunt it up for you.  I'm happy to loan my books as long as you promise to make a sincere effort to give it back when you finish.  Deal?

This book I read a few years ago and it began something in our lives.  After I'd finished it, Steve read it and discovered while he was reading it that an engineer friend at work was reading the same book.  I love when God does stuff like that.  Voddie is easy to read, very real and I'm deeply impressed with his ability to share his heart and challenge the reader to seek what God is setting for standards and follow them.  You can buy this at CBD of course (one of my favorite vendors for books!)

J and I both read this one recently - we borrowed it from the library.  It was really fast read - a few hours at most.  A marvelous, amazing story/journey for this family.  Parts made me cry and many parts made me laugh out loud.  Definitely worth the time.

You knew this one would be here.  I've talked about it before of course.  Ann's book continues to deeply impact my life.  I'm still involved in studying through this one with an amazing group of ladies.  Warning to anyone who dislikes poetry or has a hard time with lots of imagery in writing - you will be hard pressed with this one.  Ann has a poet's soul and her words are true to her soul.  I do think it is worth the effort though.  I don't see how anyone could read this book and not be blessed and challenged and perhaps truly changed.

That is all for today.  I have some cookies to finish baking for Steve and my kids.

Blessings on the journey friends~