February 20, 2013

A Random Scarf

Back before Christmas I won a blog give-away on this really great blog... I was SO excited as I don't normally win things.  Plus I love reading Eyvonne's posts and I felt more connected when she emailed me personally to find out my choice for my prize.

The prize was a scarf of my choice from this pretty amazing company FashionAble
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm pretty fashion-impaired.  I do not do 'styles' and pretty much stick to solid colors and basics for fear of embarrassing myself or my family by looking like a ... well... a 40+ year old woman who doesn't know fashion.  So the opportunity to have something stylish for free - plus knowing it was for a great cause was a definite win-win in my book.

My scarf arrived after the New Year and I was a bit baffled as to how to wear it, thankfully there is a spot on the FashionAble website that explains it! :-)  I love my scarf!  It's a basic black and goes with lots of the tops I own already.  I have even been brave and worn it to church... yes... I wore something style-y in public and no one looked at me strangely! Win!

So... that is my random post for today... now back to packing boxes.

Blessings on the journey~