October 17, 2013

Living in a Picture Post Card

This is the absolutely most beautiful autumn I can remember in many years.  Steve tells me it is because we now live in the area we used to drive to visit every fall.  The weather this year has seemed to be an almost endless string of picture perfect New England fall days.  Mild sunny days and cool nights and the trees are just ablaze in glorious color. 

This is my most favorite time of year.  Rosy apples, golden orange pumpkins and crunchy leaves.  Indoors and out there are the smells of fall. Woodsmoke and apple crisp, hot apple cider and popcorn to munch as you snuggle under a blanket in the evening.

Steve has been taking a lot of truly stunning photographs this fall and I told him that I feel as though we are living in a picture post card.  Blessings abound and I am beyond thankful.

All photos by Steve and may not be used without express permission.