November 5, 2013

Crazy Cat Family

I'm Fender - newest fur-baby
We are on our way to becoming one of those crazy families with way too many pets.  Yep - we have added yet another fur-baby to our home which is already over-run with pet hair. *shrug*  If your allergic and want to come visit - take your meds before you come.  Life with pet hair is normal here but we do keep a ready supply of those sticky rollers to de-fuzz yourself when you leave.  You're welcome!

I like to watch the birds in my little bitty kitty bed.
Piper & Saffron hanging out
cats are partially liquid in the sunshine (Saffron, Fender, & Grace)
Yep - Fender on Piper's dog bed with Saffron hanging out nearby
Fender is B's kitten (soon-to-be cat).  Gray tabby with no fear!  She is named after his guitar and was adopted from the Monadnock Humane Society - they are nice people and you should check them out if you are in search of a furry family member.