December 31, 2015

Goodbye to 2015

Created by my ever talented husband - Steve

2015 has been a quick year (at least it feels that way today) and full of milestone events.

In no particular order - these were some highlights:
  • Eldest child (Stephanie) turned 30 and got married!  (note - we do not feel old enough to say that out loud!)
  • Second child (Alec) turned 25 - see note on eldest child - same applies!
  • Third child (Jessica) turned 18 - ditto!
  • Youngest child (Benjamin) turned 16 and got his driver's license - ditto, ditto!
  • We vacationed in DC for a week - big road trip!
  • Steve continued to work from home as much as possible - we thank God for this enormous blessing in our lives.
  • Steve & I became members of our local church (Monadnock Congregational in Peterborough)
  • We are all making new friends in our church family and are continuing to be blessed
  • My parents were in a car accident (they were hit by a garbage truck on the highway!) that resulted in the totaling their SUV and a few injuries but mostly they are fine and we are very thankful for God's protection!  
  • My parents have found  a church that preaches scripture and they are happy - another blessing.
  • Stephanie and her husband, Kyle, both found new jobs and have relocated to Maine.
  • Jessica was accepted to all 3 colleges where she applied for next fall and received some awesome scholarship offers.  She has selected her first choice school and will be attending Franklin Pierce University in the fall of 2016!
  • Both Jess and Ben are able to take advantage of early college classes - both online and on campus locally - to accelerate their education and amp up their learning challenges.  
  • I've been able to do a lot of fun sewing and quilting - even finding an outlet to sell a few things!
All-in-all it's been a pretty good year in the grand scope.  There have been hard times of course - this is life!  But we have Jesus and we have each other - with that combination life is do-able in spite of whatever may come.

Praying that our Gracious and Loving Heavenly Father will bless each of us with all we need to glorify Him in the coming year.  To reach the goals He has designed for us and to grant us peace & joy in the journey!

Welcome 2016..... looking forward to whatever God sends our way as I am confident that He will walk the road with us and give us all we need to cling to Him on the journey!