March 15, 2016

3 Years and Thankful Still

Three years ago God answered prayer in more ways than I can even begin to describe - our move from Merrimack to Temple happened with so many things that were absolutely God's hand moving on our behalf and blessings poured out. I think the tag link for 'moving' will take you to posts relating to all the things that went on.

This was what we bought on March 15, 2013

This is now (well not really now - as this was a summer photo)

Other than the trauma that is small town politics (town meeting!) we are still in love with this place that God has so graciously provided for us.  This is truly our HOME in a way that we never felt in Merrimack.  The kids love it, we love it, the animals all love it.  It's simply marvelous.

When we have people come here - generally everyone comments on what an amazing spot we have tucked away and hidden from view.  It's wonderful and we are truly thankful for God's gifts.

Blessings on the journey~