December 17, 2009

New Study

This week I finished one devotional study titled How Do You Walk the Walk you Talk? and have begun another called Faith of our Fathers.  They are different style books, but I am sure God will use both to grow me according to His plan.
The first was a very practical, verse section study of Ephesians that addresses the obvious questions of how to live what we believe in a practical way.  What we ARE to do and what we are NOT to do as Christians.  It brought out a few things I hadn't considered before, but as I am seeking to live my faith in earnest and sincerity, it was very appropriate.  It was not a list of 'do this' - but more an outline of things we are to strive for in our walk day-to-day.  Challenging.
This new study is going to really stretch my brain.  Looking at the Nicene Creed and why it is important and foundational in Christian life.  I have only just finished the first chapter and questions, but am really seeing that this will be an excellent study for filling a need I've been feeling for more theology/doctrine.
I know that a lot of people shy away from discussing theology/doctrine because they feel that it causes division, but it is a necessary part of faith.  What you believe must be defined and that definition is your theology/doctrine.
I have been a Christian since I was a child, but have never really studying theology or doctrine in a specific and orderly way.  That is neglectful on my part and I'm am working to learn what I can as God allows the time and materials.  Doing my daily study time with the kids - which includes a devotional based on the Westminster Shorter Catechism - has been a step in that direction.  If I can learn along side the kids, it is a blessing for us all.  God is very gracious to want us to grow and learn - regardless of our age.  He meets us where we are... and I am thankful.