April 19, 2010

Boston Marathon Day

Today my husband is running in the Boston Marathon.  I am crazy proud of him!

For those who don't know, there are a few ways to get into the Boston Marathon.  A lot of people sign up to run for a charity sponsor - they collect donations to raise funds for various groups and then run the race. 
There are the 'elite' runners who are invited to compete - those crazy fast people who WIN! 
And there are those who must qualify to run by running a prior 'approved' Boston Marathon qualifying course and meeting certain time limits/categories based on their age - my husband is one of those runners.
Steve has been running for a long time... back serious about it for 10 years now.  He runs, he cycles, sometimes he swims, he mountain bikes, he snowshoes, and he runs some more.  He has a blog about his running over at Hav2Run which is also currently his vanity license plate on his car.  It is one of his passions and he is really good... ok... I admit a certain amount of bias there but really, he is a talented athlete who works hard at the sport he loves.
Today he will run Boston - which for the non-runner is something that is recognizable though most aren't even sure how long a marathon even is (26.2 miles in case you needed that information).  The kids and I will be doing school, having our last piano lesson of the year and praying for a good run and a safe day for Dad, while tracking him online via his timing chip.  Sometimes technology is very cool!