April 12, 2010


Home.  Isn't that a marvelous word?  I love my home, I love being home!  Home is where the people I love best are most of the time.  Though this is, I know, my temporary home - for now - until I am with Jesus in my REAL home. But for now... it is the best place I know.
Last Wednesday (April 7th), Jessica and I left our home to drive to MA to pick up my Mom and then the three of us set off on an adventure.  A grand adventure!
We dove out to Ohio to attend the MidWest Home School Convention.  Yes, we DROVE well over 800 miles one way to attend a convention for home schoolers.  It was HUGE!  It was AWESOME!  We all had a simply marvelous time and God really blessed.
We arrived back at home last night about 9pm and just collapsed into bed exhausted.  I will post more about the whole experience when I am done decompressing, catching up on the laundry, refilling the fridge for my loving family (who survived very well without wife/mother for 5 days), sorting mail - both real and electronic, and fulfilling the needs of some furry animals who seem to have greatly missed their mama as well.