May 19, 2010

Random Rainy Day Stuff

It's a rainy day in New Hampshire.  Not terribly exciting, but we've had a good day.
I slept in a bit this morning, easy to do with the gray skies and gentle pitter-patter of raindrops on the trees.  I do love that sound. 
After some odds-n-ends of things accomplished over coffee, I glanced out the window to see a mini-van pulling into my driveway.  A woman I've only met through email was stopping by to purchase a book from me.
I went downstairs and met her at the kitchen door with a big smile and laugh about the fact that I was still in my robe & slippers.  As a fellow homeschooling Mom, being in pjs at 9am didn't surprise her.  Good thing.   After she bought the book and went to leave, she realized that she had locked her keys in her van.  Back she came and we each had a nice cup of herbal tea and chatted at the kitchen table while waiting for her husband to come with another set of keys.  A pleasant 15 minutes shared with a like-minded person.  A nice start.
After she had gone I did my strength training and got ready to go for a walk.  I dragged J along with me for the 3 miles in the drizzle.  She was good company if not overly thrilled about the distance we covered.
Back home for a hot shower and lunch and then off to run some errands.  We had to get gas in the truck and I was tickled to use my Override card and save 20 cents per gallon!  It doesn't sound like a big thrill, but when you have to put 20 gallons of gas in your truck... it helps!  Then we hit Shaw's for a few things as I had a $4 coupon to use that was going to expire and I wanted to get a jar of Hoisin Sauce that is needed in a few new recipes I want to try out in the next few weeks.
We also hit Tractor Supply for a bag of new dog food for Piper.  She is our enormous yellow lab.

We are switching her to a higher quality (read more expensive!) food to try and control her weight and keep her healthy.  I've been researching pet food for a few weeks now and settled on Blue Buffalo for her.  Hopefully she will like it.  I also found out that they will be hosting a farmer's market every Wednesday afternoon right in the parking lot at TS here in town.  Woohoo!
Our last stop was the library, I had requested a copy of Ben & Jerry's ice cream recipe book through inter-library loan.  I love that feature!
Now to decide which recipe to try first with my new ice cream maker attachment for my mixer.  We've never made home-made ice cream before and I'm looking forward to it.  We can make up all sorts of yummy things and hopefully it will be less expensive and maybe a bit healthier.
Tonight Steve has his running club track work-out and I think I'm going to spend the some time sewing before I start dinner (a new recipe is planned for tonight!).  I'm working on some blocks to take to quilt ministry next week.  We have LOTS of new babies coming in our church this year.  God has blessed me thoroughly by the opportunity to do something I love (sew) as a ministry.