May 31, 2010

A really good weekend

This was a really good long weekend here. 
I had several opportunities during the last few days to pray for our military service people and their families.  May God bless them and keep them all safe from harm as they defend the freedoms we hold dear.  I am so thankful to live in this country and pray that God will protect our nation.
The weather here has been truly spectacular all weekend.  Today we did have a haze of smoke from the Canadian brush fires, but it hasn't been too bad.  I will be praying that no one is hurt in the fires up north.
I've been productive over the last few days. I've managed to get some baking done, some cleaning, and even a bit of sewing.  I finally finished packing up the last school year work for both kids and cleaned off one of the bookcases to get ready for next year.  I even updated our school tracking software on 2 of the computers,  the other two seem to be dead at the moment and need Steve's tech support to revive them.
I was able to go for a long bike ride with the kids on Friday, a run on Saturday, a power walk on Sunday evening, and another run this morning.  I have to keep moving to combat all the junk I've been eating lately.  I made home-made ice cream on Friday night and Steve took us for ice cream at King Kone last night after he got home from his trail race up in Maine.  I am still trying to lose another 10 pounds and feel like I am sabotaging myself by baking and going for ice cream.  At least I'm not gaining... that is a blessing!
Today Steve took me for a ride on the motorcycle and we were tooling up Mack Hill Rd. in Amherst when we paused at the top and I realized the bag on my back was EMPTY!  Panic!  The bottom of the bag had let go and my wallet was in the bag!  Steve told me to get off the bike a minute and he'd turn around so we could back-track.  I climbed off and was shocked to see my wallet sitting on the little metal rack behind the seat!  The road was incredibly bumpy so it must have just fallen out.  I was SO relieved I was almost in tears and was thanking God for his amazing blessing and care. 
We drove along a bit further and Steve remembered he'd had our small digital camera in the bottom of the bag.  Back-tracking all the way home we scanned and searched the roadside to no avail.  Then we took the car and went back again.  This time with the kids and we stopped again at the top of the hill and walked the edges looking for the camera case.  Nothing.   We are disappointed but I am beyond thankful that my wallet is safe.  Prayerfully someone honest will find the camera and return it to us.
In spite of the loss of the camera, the weekend on the whole was good and I am very certain of God's loving care of us all.