June 9, 2010

Just Wednesday Rambling

Today is Wednesday.
Do you ever feel like Wednesday is this sort of no-man's land?  Stuck in the middle of the week, not usually a terribly exciting day, still feels like miles to go before the weekend and anything 'fun'.
I like Wednesday.  It feels like I'm making progress through the week to finally be half-done and hopefully things on the 'to do' list are being checked off.  Not always, but most weeks.
Today is a 'home day' for us.  The only outing may be a bike-ride to the library later.  Tonight is Steve's track work out and I have quilt group (if I'm feeling better), and that means a fairly easy supper of breakfast food - the kids favorite dinner usually.
I spent some time this morning thinking about Steve's birthday, which is tomorrow.  I am continually amazed by my husband.  He is so wonderful in my eyes and I never feel like I am quite conveying to him how important he is to me and our family.  It's tough to tell a modest man how marvelous he is.  He just doesn't seem to believe me.  It can be really frustrating at times... I want to really show him how much I love him, how much I appreciate him, how proud he makes me to be his wife.... and have no idea how to do so.   Maybe someday I'll have a brilliant stroke of inspiration.
The kids have begun some minor summer-schooling work.  J is taking an on-line writing course and so far it seems to be going well.  I am getting closer to having our next school year plan mapped out.  Only about a half-dozen more lesson plans to do.  Science is split this year so that means 2 plans for one subject (J & B).  Actually this year they have much more split subjects than ever before.  Having them grow is wonderful, but the planning is more involved.  I'm looking forward to a wonderful year for them both.  It seems like such an accomplishment to have them both in Middle School grades this year!  We have reached a milestone!  B is 6th grade now and J is 8th.  We'll see how excited I am about it when I'm mired in pre-algebra & astronomy lessons later in the year.
Off to continue my Wednesday by hanging some laundry on the line.  I love my life.