June 24, 2010

Time Management

Trying to find time to do all the "good" things in life is very difficult.  There are only so many hours in a day - the same for everyone - so no one has any advantage.  How we choose to spend our time is as varied as the number of people on the planet.
I am a wife, mother, home educator, home-maker and a host of other things.  The reality is that I simply can't do everything I'd like to do on any given day.  God sends His priorities for me and prayerfully I don't miss those for my own schedule or projects.  I'm working (and praying!) to be more aware of what He sets before me as well as my primary responsibilities that really must be ahead of any personal projects.
I am most blessed in that my husband never criticizes or pushes me about what I am doing or how I am spending my time each day.  He will even smile and laugh when I make a point to tell him some random and unseen thing I've accomplished - like cleaning and organizing underneath the bathroom sink or vacuuming the lint filter of the dryer.  No one ever knows when you've spent hours working on some seemingly ridiculous but necessary task, so I tell him... but only sometimes.  I don't think it matters, but maybe it does.
Maybe it shows my kids that the mundane and thankless jobs, the cleaning of things unseen and unappreciated, is important.  Service to others isn't always a showy thing.  Sometimes no one in your day-to-day life sees and comments when you just do what you should do.  That is okay.  None of us should need a pat on the back for being who we are and what we should be.
A pat on the back is nice.  A compliment is nice.  Kudos, gold stars and applause are nice.  However those are not the things that I want to spur my kids to do what they should do, what is right, what is honest, what is expected as part of a life lived for the Kingdom of God.  They are not why I do things each day.
God has given me gifts, talents, desires, responsibility and most importantly... opportunity.  He gives me a chance each day to CHOOSE how I will manage my gift of time to serve Him and others.  Bring glory to Him BY serving others - whether those others are my husband and children, the neighbor, someone at church or a stranger.
What an awesome thing.  I pray that I choose wisely today.

  Blessings on the journey~