July 8, 2010

Re-boot. re-set, re... something!

Boy is returning from a marvelous vacation a challenge at times.  Especially when it seems God is nudging both Steve and I along a journey to simplify our lives in preparation for whatever He has planned next.
We returned home to find that my main computer system died... I mean... DIED.  The hard drive is dead for no apparent reason.  It was fine before I left and was turned off all week.  Very strange.
Steve has been valiantly trying to find a solution and even today is still working on some data recovery ideas.  For some unknown reason, our external back-up drive stopped backing up my files earlier this spring. *sigh*  All my files and data for months are now gone unless God grants us a small miracle.  I did manage to do a direct write backup of one major file just before we left - so that is a HUGE blessing.
In looking for how God may have orchestrated this for our good - I discovered that it is very possible that I was plugging along under my own steam relating to our home school and now will have to do a total re-set.  This will mean not plunging back into a lot of schoolwork next week as I'd planned. 
This could be good in a lot of ways really.   Especially as I now have  a new list of things to work on for simplifying and making some potentially significant changes in our home life.  The kids will have a bit more down-time/vacation.  Perhaps the house will become cleaner? :-)
God is pretty clearly telling us some things... I'm not entirely sure exactly what it all is just yet.  The really awesome thing is that Steve seems to be hearing/seeing a lot of the same things that I am hearing/seeing.  That God is moving us both in the same direction is an incredible blessing and makes the journey sweeter... not necessarily any easier, but absolutely sweeter.  My husband is pretty awesome and in the past few weeks I've seen so many more things that make me appreciate all he is and does on a whole new level.
So... I'm off today to find a good buy on a new hard drive and Windows 7 and whatever all else is needed for surgery on my computer.
Blessings on the journey~