July 1, 2010

Ocean Vacation

We've been on vacation!
I love that we have the blessing of being able to take our children on family vacations.  We did that only very rarely when I was a child (once when I was 10 or so and not again until high school). 
I don't feel deprived about it or have any negative feelings around it.  I didn't know anyone who went away on vacations when I was a kid.  Dads worked, sometimes Moms too, we kids went to school, played outside after school and during summer vacations.  Normal kid life. :-)
We have taken some of our children on vacations far away (A went to NV/AZ/UT when he was 5) and all 3 went to FL a few times.  Normally our trips are pretty local - within a few hours drive.  Our most favorite vacation spot so far is Acadia.  We drive the 4-5 hours up to Maine, camp, play around in the ocean, hike and sight see in the National Park, noodle around in the shops and eat ice cream. It's great!
This year we did something different.  We have never done this before.  We rented a cottage right on the point - right on the water.  It's gorgeous and we love it. 
I think camping is going to be really a challenge after this experience. :-)