July 14, 2010

Wednesday Rain

It rained!
I suppose that may not be reason enough for a real celebration, but given the SERIOUS lack of water here lately.  I was more than happy to thank God during my prayer time this morning for sending us some rain.
I'm working to get back on track with life now that my computer is fixed and a nice rainy/gray day is a good day for more of that.  I still have lots of school-related files to re-create, but I'm making progress.
I've also started working on a 'home notebook' which includes a complete inventory of my pantry stock-pile and will work on inventory of the freezer either today or tomorrow.  I also need to go through my spice cabinet and that will be at least a half-day project.  Sometimes it amazes me how long seemingly simple tasks really take.
The idea for the home notebook came from this very cool site: Organized Home
So I used one of those small binders and inserted some pretty scrap-book paper for covers and printed out some forms/pages to get started.  It's a process and hopefully will make life a bit easier as I work towards being more organized and a better steward and keeper of my home.
Blessings on the journey~