March 31, 2012

One Orange Cat

In December (2011) we adopted an adorable orange kitten - mostly for J, but we all love her.  Saffron joined us and was so cute and snuggly we could hardly contain ourselves.
 So tiny & cute!

In January she managed to do something that I didn't think cats could do - she fell and broke her leg.  Requiring surgery, and lots of extra TLC and work for J.
 Bad haircut!
Isn't she pitiful with her cone and having to be caged?

So fast forward to the end of March.  Saffron is now 6 months old and full of personality... or perhaps just attitude.  She has 2 speeds, FAST and OFF.  She is either going full-tilt tearing around the house into everything or she is flopped someplace sleeping.  She seems to take little notice of us unless she wants a lap to lie on or food. 

 Saffron LOVES the heat vent

She tackles Grace whenever she finds the opportunity - which to a civilized fluffy cat is dreadfully undignified and results in somersaults and hissing in the youngster's direction.  Sometimes it will result in Saffron being pinned down and forcibly bathed by Grace in seeming punishment for such disrespectful actions.  It's pretty funny to watch them.
But they do seem to love one another and we often find them curled up on the bed or on top of the little kitty-condo.

Everything is a toy to Saffy.  She loves to bat around anything that she can find, running, crashing into things and making a racket generally.  She loves to play in plastic bags & boxes.  Sits in front of my computer monitor and bats at the cursor as it moves across the screen.  Over & under, in & out, up & down - she is a very busy kitty! 

6 months old
We love this crazy orange cat.