April 12, 2012

Blogging Fail

   I had intended to blog through the study I'm doing of Ann's book with an amazing group of ladies on Monday mornings... but I am failing. 
   Not because I've quit the study or anything - just that I'm finding it tremendously difficult to make the time to type all the notes out and honestly - some of the reader's guide questions are hard to answer - and harder to share on the interwebs  (yes - I know that isn't a 'real' term).
   I believe that Ann's book, One Thousand Gifts, is amazing.   I did find (via a helpful friend) that it has been critically reviewed by some (just Google critique of "book title").  We discussed the critique at some length one week in our group.  Our general determination was along the lines that this - as any book- must be viewed through the lens of God's word and we must be discerning and cautious.  Only God's Word is our ultimate authority for living our lives and we must be certain to always go back to scripture to verify truth and be diligent in guarding our minds (and hearts) against any type of false teaching.
   Our group has fluctuated in size from week to week - that is the life of moms w/ children.  Some weeks all things are good and we can all be together and other weeks - life happens.  I'm learning so many new things each time we are together and then in my obsessive processing of all my insecurities and failings after each gathering.  God is so very gracious to me.  In all things.  I am very aware that I am not at all capable here and it is just grace that He is allowing me this opportunity with this group of special women.