April 6, 2012

Hot Cross Buns

I tried something new today!

Hot Cross Buns

I have never eaten a Hot Cross Bun before, but after seeing a post over at The Frugal Girl a few days ago, I decided to give it a go.  Of course in my typical style, I had to tweak it a bit. :-)
I doubled the cinnamon and skipped the cardamon (I don't even know what that spice is!).  I also left out the raisins because no one here likes them.

Actually I doubled the whole recipe and made 3 dozen of them!  So I have a some to give away to the neighbors or maybe I will take some to the Easter breakfast at church.
They are really yummy!  Of course we didn't eat them hot... had to wait for them to cool to put the frosting on them.  The kids all gave them 2 thumbs up!

I will definitely make these again!