August 30, 2010

Come along side

Today I had the opportunity to live something that I've read about on other blogs relating to teens & almost teens.
J spent this morning with a wonderful lady from our church, working as a mother's helper.  She's done this several times over the summer, but today she also had a full schedule of school work to accomplish.  She worked all morning, came home, had lunch and finally got to start on her schoolwork at about 1pm.
She and B worked on their Latin review - there is a major test on Friday.  She worked on a History lesson, also knowing there is a quiz on Friday this week.  Then there was some science reading and answering some questions before working on an experiment and writing up a lab report.  Then pulling out her schedule and taking some other books off the shelf she became over-whelmed and started to cry.
I hugged her as she sobbed on my shoulder,
"There is too much work!  I can't do it!"  She sniffed, as her tears soaked my shoulder.
I took a deep breath and hugged her again.
Gently I said, "You can.  I know you can.  Wash your face and bring your book out with me to the swing."

So she washed up, took the math book & her notebook and we went out to the deck and sat on the swing.
We sat together, she worked problems and we talked.  She did the entire section - all correctly - as we sat together.  Then she worked on her literature assignment, reading me passages and talking with me about the humor of G.K. Chesterton.
Then... she was done - all assignments finished.  No more tears.
We did it together,her working along, talking, sharing some laughs... that is one of the beautiful things we enjoy being here together for school. 
I am so thankful that God has called us to this journey of home schooling.  The blessings can't be measured on a test (though they test well and get good grades).  The relationship.  The learning that hard things can be accomplished.  That it is a lot of work, but they CAN.  It's amazing to watch them as they grow and learn.
I am so very blessed.  Our life isn't perfect, not every day is stellar, some can even be pretty dreadful at times...but in the end.... it's all good.  We are building LIFE and focusing on the things that last for eternity.  Loving each other.  Learning together.  Living these golden moments that God has gifted to us.
Blessings on the journey~