August 5, 2010

The Rain Falls

It is raining... no... it is pouring outside and I am thankful for the rain on parched ground. 
And tears fall here too, from the heart of a daughter who hurts for her mother's sorrow.

My mother just called me from Maine, sobbing her heart as she has said goodbye to my grandmother.
My grandmother has Alzheimer's disease and is standing on Heaven's doorstep waiting to meet Jesus.
She has lived for the last few years in a wonderful care facility up in Maine and now is - according to the staff - just about ready to go home.
I rejoice for my grandmother and my heart aches for my mother. 
She wants to rejoice at the home-going and feel God's peace, yet family conflict between siblings and generations is tearing her heart.  I'm praying for God to grant her solace, to hold her tightly in His eternal loving arms and comfort her.  To ease the generation of pain from years of sibling/family hurts and harsh words and grief.
I pray too, for my children.  For them to love one another always.  To follow Christ fully and embrace His commands to love one another and honor one another above themselves.  I pray that I can be the support my mother needs here and offer God's words to her and help her walk this thorny path with my prayers for God's grace and mercy.
And I pray... for those people who are hurting my mother's heart.  Those people who should be a comfort and aren't.  Who profess Christ in name and yet... *sigh*

We live falling so short every day.  I fail...over and again to shine Christ's love to others on this journey. 

Oh God forgive me, by your amazing grace and mercy, set my feet again on your right path.  Grant me wisdom and words and actions that show Jesus' true love in my life. Amen.

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.~ 1 John 3:18

Blessings on the journey~