January 1, 2014

Ending 2013

We ended 2013 with one last house project - painting the master bedroom.
When we moved in, the room was painted and wallpapered in blues and birdhouses.  Not exactly our style but not truly hideous.  I did rip down the border and the wallpapered wall right off the bat and we lived with the blue for 9 months.

We spent some time discussing paint colors and options and even tested 2 shades in patches on the walls last week.  Then we made our decision and took the plunge - Steve picked up 2 gallons of paint on his way home from church on Sunday and on Monday afternoon I started taping and doing the edge work of the lighter colored walls.  Tuesday morning bright and early we started working again with Steve edging the darker colored walls and me rolling the lighter color.  After the first coat was on the walls we took a break, cleaned up a bit and I ran some errands, including going out to get another gallon of the lighter colored paint.  Going over the dark blue definitely needed the second coat of paint and the big room required more than just the one gallon of that color.
We are thrilled with the final look - it's clean and crisp and more our style.

Looking towards the back of the room - the 2 windows overlook the back yard.

 Looking toward the front of the room - the single window looks out to the front yard.

The paint is Behr and the colors are "Brown Teepee" and "Tibetan Orange".  I don't know who has the job of naming paint colors but they must have a lot of fun coming up with them. 

Now to figure out what our next project will be to start 2014!  Happy New Year everyone - may God richly bless you with His presence in the new year.