January 25, 2014

First Project of 2014

On Tuesday last week I decided to begin working on the upstairs (full) bathroom.  Keep in mind that this is one of the two bathrooms we have in our home and the one that 3 out of 4 of us use daily for showering, etc.
So of course it makes sense in my non-logical brain to render it mostly unusable for the majority of the week.

When we bought the house, this bathroom was painted the same green color that the downstairs (3/4) bath had been with the same off-cream/dirty beige trim paint.

This is BEFORE we bought the house
After 10 months I'd had enough and wanted that green gone.  The walls had been sort of weeping after every shower as the moisture condensed on the walls.  I had scrubbed and washed to no avail.  This time I used Simple Green and scrubbed the walls and then rinsed them all and the applied a coat of Kilz primer that claims to be mildew and moisture resistant.
Priming begun
After a day of letting the primer dry and a few hours of decision making with a pile of paint chips.  The room got a nice fresh coat of paint, a new shower curtain and some odds-n-ends and by Friday we had a 'new' bathroom.

The paint is Behr "Cream Silk" and depending on the lighting is a soft yellow-y cream to pale cream color.  The shower curtain is BH&G "Tranquil Leaves" which is just white with a gray/black design.
Nothing tremendously fancy but it's all fresh and clean and makes me smile.

Our first project of 2014 and this is our 7th major indoor painting project since we bought the house.  I love the progress we are making!