October 3, 2009

Day at Deerfield Fair

Yesterday we spend most of the day at the Deerfield Fair. It is an annual event in our family and we always have a great time.
Lots of eating of things that are not really good for you and lots of laughing with family and friends. Sounds like a great day to me!
After dealing with major traffic in the first 10 miles of the trip from home, the rest of the day seemed like a breeze! The weather was great - cool, partly sunny - and we met up with some family friends and enjoyed a lot of fun.
The kids love to see the animals and even got to see a newly born baby calf in the dairy barn.
They missed actually seeing the birth by about 30 minutes or so and Jess was disappointed - she thought it would have made a marvelous biology lesson. The rest of us were glad to have missed it.

Steve took this photo just after we arrived at the fair and met up with our friends.

I had a really terrific day and felt so very blessed to have been able to share the time with everyone.