October 1, 2009

October Beginnings

Well, here it is October 1st.
I find it truly amazing how time seems to accelerate as my children grow older. Though I suppose that means I am growing older as well, I don't really always FEEL that change in myself. It's easy to spot in my kids as they reach new milestones, learn new skills, get closer to being eye level with me and become more interesting people.
We are well into our 8th year of homeschooling now and I think this will be a good year. I have just 2 at home to school now, ages 10 and almost 12, we are working on 5th grade and 7th. The oldest has moved on to college - Wow... that makes me sound old!
Our methods have changed and grown over the years - we've come a long way since Kindergarten!We are not easy to pigeon-hole, I suppose most homeschoolers are not. Generally we find what works best for each child, is interesting, covers what we need/want for the year and dive into the learning. Sometimes we find after a while that we need to make adjustments - such as last year when we changed our English curriculum in January. It was a good change, we managed to complete the books in July and started fresh with the next ones this year.
Children grow quickly and their skill sets change. Their learning styles develop over time and sometimes what worked great with one child will flop for the next. Flexibility is important. Trusting yourself to know when to make a change - with God's guidance - is vital.
I consider myself one of the leading experts on my own children and believe that regardless of what small mistakes I make along the journey - God will use me to prepare these young people for the purposes He has for their lives. It is a high calling, an awesome responsibility. There are days when it terrifies me - I don't want to screw this up! But I have confidence that God is faithful and will provide exactly what we need to follow the path (or bridge) He has marked for us to travel.
I am thankful that I am not the one who is really in charge!