October 26, 2009

Husband of the year

This weekend I had a serious bout of exhaustion hit me like a ton of bricks. My very loving husband told me to rest and he would handle our very busy Saturday life. He did more than manage - the man was amazing!
On Saturday both of the kids had soccer games and B was supposed to bring snack for his team. I had planned to make chocolate chip cookies for him to share. So much for that plan. I told Steve to just go buy some at the store... but he thought of a better idea.

He and the kids baked home-made chocolate chip cookies from scratch! Listening to him with them in the kitchen was a hoot - they were so funny trying to decipher my recipe, find ingredients, and run the mixer. They did an awesome job! The cookies were a huge hit with not just B's team, but J's as well.
He also took care of making sure they cleaned up the kitchen, everyone was fed, and even entertained my parents when they came for a short visit.
Truly a man among men is my beloved. :-)
I have often said that I am a very spoiled wife and this just is one more proof.
Steve is not always a very vocal person or even terribly demonstrative about a lot of things, but he always makes me feel very loved. I think it is the simple things in life that show the true measure of devotion a person has for another. We have been married for more than 13 years now and each day I truly know how he cares for me. He thinks of our family above everything. He always makes me feel that my contributions here at home and with schooling the kids are valuable to him. He trusts me more than anyone I have ever known. These are things that can't be measured by anyone else, but I can feel the weight and depth of his love. I believe God sent him into my life at a time when I needed him most and together we have grown a love, a family and a life together that will endure as long as God gives us days here together.
How is that for a mushy Monday blog post? :-)