October 21, 2009

Shopping Trip

Today is Wednesday and my parents came up to visit this afternoon. My Dad is on vacation and has been enjoying the time off. He loves any excuse to come up to see us and we are so blessed to have a great relationship with my folks.
Dad stayed here at the house with the kids and dogs and Mom & I ventured out to do a bit of shopping. I was specifically looking for pants & a shirt for B for church - he has outgrown so much this year - and I needed a belt for me. We went down to Kohl's and had great success. I even managed to find another bath towel for our master bathroom (way on sale) in the color to match exactly what we have already.
B got 2 new pairs of dress pants (blue & black) and I found a gorgeous dark green, fine-wale corduroy, button down shirt for him. Mom got him a nice blue/green/black plaid button down. Everything fits him perfectly and I don't even need to hem the pants - he really has grown a lot this year!
Mom bought me 3 new tops - 2 beautiful crushed neck turtle neck shirts (one in a pumpkin color and the other gray) and a simply stunning muted coffee colored sweater with little pearlized buttons at the lower arm. She spoils me and I appreciate it very much. We are trying hard to not spend any extra money and it was a nice treat to get some new things for the fall/winter. She said it was payment for dog-sitting, but I know it's just that she loves me. :-)
J didn't suffer today either as we managed to find her an LLBean fleece lined hoodie that she has been wanting for months now at the outlet store. It fits her nicely and is so pretty in chocolate brown.
I also managed to find a punched leather belt for myself. I really needed it and it made me happy to find a nice one. At the beginning off August I started seriously praying the God would help me with the motivation and drive to get serious about exercising and eating better. He really is so faithful! My goal was to lose 20lbs by Christmas and to date I have managed to shed 13 pounds. I am so thrilled with how I feel. I am eating better and exercising pretty regularly. I've been dealing with a phantom hip injury, so have been just walking and cycling, no running - but that really isn't my thing anyway.
Steve has been very supportive and encouraging of my efforts, even setting up his bike trainer in the basement for me so I can ride when the weather is bad. He is so good to me, I am truly blessed to have him as my husband.
We had a good schooling morning and did our first Latin lesson today. The kids and I are all very excited about this opportunity to learn something new together.
It has been a very good day and I am very thankful that the Lord continues to smile on us.