October 9, 2009


Like anyone else, there are some weeks when I am really glad it is finally Friday.
This week has not been especially hectic or overly taxing in any specific way, it just seems to have been a really LONG week.
We have gotten all of our scheduled work done for the week and even finished our first real art project from our new curriculum "Exploring Art Media".

These are our 'color combination samplers' The point of this project was to learn all the vocabulary of color combinations in art production from "monochromatic", "analogous' & "complimentary" to the more basic "Cool" & "Warm". We had to start with just a pencil outline that we created of anything we wanted to doodle and fill the entire page with shapes to be colored. Then we had to divide the paper into 7 sections and fill them in accordingly for each of the color combinations. It took us DAYS to finish it all, but we were all pretty impressed with the final results. Mostly we used the Prismacolor Scholar level colored pencils which were definitely worth spending the extra money for last year! They are just gorgeous colors and go down so nicely on the heavy drawing paper.

Today we also had the nice surprise of a shipment arriving by mail. It was the package containing our Latina Christiana Level 1 curriculum. Yes, we are going to make the plunge and begin to study Latin. Jess and I are really looking forward to it and Ben is slowly warming to the idea.
I have been mulling the idea of Latin for a while now. I've read a bit off and on about the educational theory of "Classical Education" and while it's a bit late to jump completely on that band wagon, there are parts of it that I'd really like to incorporate with the kids. Most recently I've been seeing/hearing/reading more about how the study of Latin impacts children as they learn other languages and the benefits of it as related to standardized testing (such as the SAT and ACT). After praying about it for a while, I stumbled across a woman selling EXACTLY what I wanted (including the 2nd student book I'd need) for an amazing price. I emailed her and poof! We are looking at starting Latin! Woohoo! I had originally planned to wait until January, but we'll see if we can actually wait that long. Next week finishes our first quarter, so starting after that is not out of the question.
For right now, I have a bit more grading to finish up (we had lots of quizzes this week) and then I need to give one of the dogs a bath and think about starting dinner as well. We should be all home for dinner tonight - I love that part of our family life.