October 12, 2009

Sick Day

Well we have fallen to the first cold of the season here. Started over the weekend with J spiking a temperature on Sat morning. No soccer game for her. B was fine, so he played a good game at noon and then in the late afternoon he and I went to visit family while Dad played nurse-maid for J.

News from the extended family is not good financially and job wise. I spent a good deal of time offering prayers of thanksgiving this weekend for God's mercy on our family and protection of Steve's job this year. Soon he might be the only one among his brothers who is gainfully employed. So much for the dear leader and his 'stimulus' plan. HA! But that is another rant...

B fell to the cold on Sunday and spent all day in bed or on the couch. As of last night I have begun to share the love and the germs. I have a sore throat and this morning have declared today to be a 'sick day'

I rescheduled the kids piano lessons to later in the week. We are all planning to stay in pjs today, I'm doing laundry and we'll have a quiet day at home. Not a terribly exciting post... but some days, life is not terribly exciting. Actually, quiet days at home are my favorite - not when we are sick of course, but I love my home and like to be here.

Off to make a nice cup of cocoa for the kids and some tea for me.