March 5, 2010

Hope - and a chance to Help

I have been following the journey of a group of bloggers who have partnered with Compassion International on a trip to Kenya.  You can read about it by clicking on the individual photos of the 6 different bloggers here. This is powerful stuff and God is using it to soften my heart that is often hard about things.
He is breaking my heart over some of this... pushing me gently to give out of the abundance with which He has blessed our family.  J & B are praying with me about sponsoring a child and I've asked Steve to pray about it as well - literally JUST sent him an email with links to some of the guys blog posts.  They are making me cry as I read what God can do through a few dollars.  He is so awesome!
This is a way to be Jesus' hands in giving to those who live in far greater need than we can imagine.
I feel so selfish... I complain that milk & bread prices go up 10 cents when these people may never even SEE bread & milk at the same time.  I am ashamed.  Jesus calls us to love the least of these... I haven't.  I pray for forgiveness and that He will give me His heart, His eyes, His hands.