March 30, 2010

New Dinner Hit

In my quest to be more blissfully domestic I have been gaining ground in my kitchen culinary adventures.  Fancy verbiage for I'm getting better with new recipes that people will actually eat in my family.
Last night I attempted calzones for the first time ever and they were a success!  I used my normal pizza dough recipe (I have been making home-made pizza for several months now) and cut the dough into 4 chunks before rolling it out - not too thin - filling it and crimping the edges.  For the kids I made just regular sauce/cheese - sort of a pizza sandwich. 
Steve & I enjoyed BBQ chicken w/ carmelized onions & cheese.  It was very yummy! 
And as a bonus - because I made 4 of them (2 each variety) - all 5 of us had dinner last night and I have 1 each left in the freezer for when I am away so the "boys" will have an easy dinner one night.