March 1, 2010

NH Excitement - random family stuff

We've had a bit of weather-related excitement here of late.  All in all it has been a normal winter - snow, rain, nice days, etc.  It is New England and as they say "if you don't like the weather, wait a minute". :-)
Last Thursday we had rain, I mean RAIN.  It poured buckets and buckets all day and then the wind began.  When I say wind, I mean WIND!  It was gusting upwards of 50-60mph and given that we are an hour from the seacoast, that is really something.  Unfortunately it meant a LOT of downed trees and power lines.
We lost our electricity at around 10pm on Thursday evening and didn't have it return until 6:15 on Saturday morning.  In that time we played games, snuggled under blankets, talked by candle & lantern light and were chilly!  It got down to about 54 in our house by the time the lights (and the heat) came back on.  Thankfully we have a generator so the fridge & freezer were fine and were able to run some extension cords to keep a space heater running in J's room - all three kids camped out in there on Friday evening as it was toasty with the door closed. 
This is only our third major power outage in 14 years in this house and was the first one with the generator.  It made a big difference and now on Steve's "honey-do" list is installing a transfer switch so we'll be able to run the furnace from generator power should the need arise again.  We are praying for power to be restored to the many families still in the cold & dark here in NH.
Once the lights came back on we did a quick run-through to clean/tidy up the mess of living by candle/flashlight.  We were all up nice and early on Saturday!  I managed to get some baking done since I'd been several days with no bread made.  I made a batch of Cinnamon swirl bread - and took one loaf to a neighbor.  Then tried a new recipe from the lovely lady at Frugal Girl, English Muffin Bread.  Not a new one for her - but for me!  It came out marvelous and really did make the best toast.

Now that it is March 1st, Steve and I are beginning our 15th year of wedded bliss.  Our actual anniversary wasn't on the calendar this year as we are a "Leap Year" anniversary couple.  I love that it makes our story a bit more unique... well... I think so anyway. :0)
Yesterday the younger two kids and I went with Steve to a race out in Amherst, MA - he ran 10 miles and set a new personal best time.  He is so amazing!  It was a USATrack&Field championship race, so it was a FAST race on a tough course.  He had a great race and I was very proud.  This photo is with the two kids just after he finished.