March 8, 2010

Our New Addition

This is Fred.  He is 6, though his birthday is Sunday and he'll be 7. He lives with his mother and 6 siblings in Kenya.  Two days ago, he became part of our family through our sponsorship with Compassion International. God has graciously allowed us to be a part of something special and the thought of it brings a smile to my face and tears to my eyes as well.
This small boy has seen poverty that I can't begin to comprehend.  He has been hungry in a way my children here, snug in their beds, have never and will probably never know.  Now there is hope.  He has been chosen! After waiting more than 6 months for a sponsor through the Compassion program.
But you know what?  We were the ones chosen.
God chose us.
He is allowing us to do something real.  This has been a prayer of mine for months now... that somehow, in some small way, God would make me useful for His purposes. He is answering that prayer.
Our God loves us all so much.  He wants so much to let us be part of His plans.  He wants to grow us, change us, and pour out His blessings on us in ways we can't even begin to imagine.  Two days ago I felt that in a powerful way and it is carrying forward in my heart in a way that is difficult to express.
So often I feel that I live this pampered, sheltered life.  My version of "hard" is having a long "to do" list that includes too much laundry, having to grocery shop yet again in spite of the cabinet full of food in my kitchen, and a house to clean.  Fred's mother probably lives in a house that is about the size of my youngest child's bedroom - with 7 children to care for daily.  Talk about a slap of reality.

I have been reading the posts of the 6 people (bloggers) who are on a trip with Compassion right now to Kenya.  I have seen a glimpse of that world.  It terrifies me and fascinates me.  One blog had a video clip of a sponsored child - who has grown up

My heart broke with joy and tears rolled down my face as these men hugged and cried.  Compassion works.  Lives change because of Christ and how He uses people like me - like you - to make a difference in the life of a child around the globe.

Think about it.... pray about....DO something amazing!