January 6, 2010


There is something horribly frustrating about the feeling that your government - which is supposed to be there to SERVE the people, is actually trying to come up with ways to make your life more difficult.
I am speaking very personally about a proposed change to the NH home school laws that was on the calendar for today, but has been pushed back another week.
Last year a woman who admitted to knowing absolutely NOTHING about home schooling, took it upon herself to submit 2 bills relating to home education in NH.  One was a seemingly harmless law that involved how notification was handled and acknowledged.  The other was a truly heinous piece of legislation that would make NH one of the most restrictive for home education in the nation.
We have a law that has been in place for approximately 20 years and seems to work just fine for those of us who are taking our responsibility seriously.  Those who don't...  well, we all know that more laws do not suddenly create better citizens or less criminals.
The really bad law was voted ITL (inexpedient to legislate) last year - basically it was killed.  The other law was retained to allow the education committee a chance to "study" home education in the state and determine if changes were needed.  They formed a bunch of sub-committees and looked all all sorts of things relating to home schooling all year.  They decided that things were pretty much just fine the way they are and we should leave well enough alone.
The final vote was overwhelmingly against any changes and the committee recommended to ITL the other bill.  Instead of going away quietly when beaten, the few people on the education committee who are bent on control of home schoolers have proposed an amendment that incorporates all the awful things from last years dead bill.  And to make matters worse, given the Democrat majority right now - the caucus has been doing it's little back-room-deal-dance and seems poised to actually go against the committee recommendation and pass the dang thing with the horrible amendment!
And if all this is not bad enough, we have just learned that the Dept of Education is poised to incorporate much of the awful bill into its "rules" for administration of home education programs as far as they can without over stepping the bounds of law.  Sort of a way to get their claws into us and side-stepping the legislative process.
I am so disgusted by government at the moment.  I would imagine that the founding fathers would be aghast at the charade that passes for legitimate government now-a-days.  Truly disgusting and disheartening.
The ONLY thing that prevents me from a complete downward slide to despair is the firm knowledge that God is sovereign and nothing happens that is outside His perfect plan.
So.... if all this nonsense goes through here in NH.  I trust that God will allow a way for our family - and those He has called to home school - to comply with what is necessary and will provide us the opportunity to be a witness for Him and bring Him glory.  OR... God may give Steve a job in another state where the home education laws are better.   Either way I am confident in the provision of my Savior.
But I'm still disgusted with government. :-P